What Dr. Rouff offers in his orthodontics practice
  Our services include:

Conventional orthodontic treatment (braces)
   • Full fixed brace treatment
   • Direct bonded braces

Functional jaw orthopedics
   • Palate (upper jaw) widening
   • The new removable appliances:
      - Frankel
      - Bionator
      - Orthopedic corrector
      - Sagital
   • Functional bite plates
   • Activators
   • Headgear for growth guidance

Adult orthodontics
   • Full and partial treatment
   • Surgical orthodontics

Child interceptive treatment therapy
   • Space Maintainers
   • Serial extraction guidance
   • Growth supervision and analysis
   • Early crossbite correction
   • Mixed dentition treatment (ages 4-11)

Surgical orthodontics
   • The orthodontist and oral surgeon work as a team to correct major facial disharmonies

Temporo-mandibular joint therapy
   • Treatment of cranial-facial pain and jaw joint problems

Cosmetic orthodontics
   • Space closure
   • Minor tooth movement

Plaque control and home care supervision